Hook up cb antenna How to Install CB Radio Antennas

Hook up cb antenna, standard stud installation:

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Your radio is now ready to go! Just make sure you read our article on dual CB antenna installs first. Fiberglass CB antennas are generally considered the most durable type. That being said, here cruise dating the types of antennas we like best for pickup trucks: However, keep in mind that if you use the cigarette lighter to power other devices, it may overload the current and blow the fuse.

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If you do not find what you are looking for or need any assistance, you're welcome to email us at wearecb gmail. Also, make sure that you have all of the proper components to attach your antenna mount to the coax.

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I had hoped someone would ask about tuning. They're easy to install, too, as they include the coax, magnet mount and the antenna antenna in one complete package. For example, a 5' magnet mount rooftop antenna will likely outperform a dual antenna install mounted lower, especially if the dual antennas are shorter.

We offer a few different stakehole options, including this stakehole CB mount kit and this hang-over stakehole mount.

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I've been told the signal sounds clean from my end Not a bad instruction, but I see no mention of Antenna Tuning. However, you must be aware that in the United States, a license is required to operate a CB radio; however, if you are an avid CB fan, you probably already know this and have the requirements to own and operate the CB radio. Dual Antenna Installations It's hard to deny the appeal of dual antennas on a pickup.

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I used a basic Firestik I forget the modelbut was bored and tried a mobile TV antenna for the heck of it. If you have to use a replacement in a fix, use a fuse of a LESS amperage rating. This is the best place, as it will have the greatest coverage available.

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It's usually fairly easy to mount here - either by securing the mounting bracket to the floor or to the lower dash assembly - and is out of the way. It may sounds obvious, but you'll get better my wife is dating someone both in terms of range potential and longevity from a well known, trusted brand. Additionally, hook of the antenna is blocked by the truck's cab - which prevents the antenna from sending or receiving signals to vehicles in front of the truck if mounting on the rear bumper.

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Buildings, vehicles, and antenna can all interfere with the reading. The Coax should be routed from the antenna to the radio with as little 'kinks' as possible. I thoroughly enjoy learning and working with my hands, and hope that you Hood Mounts Mounting your antenna along the hood channel is also popular with pickup owners, and is sometimes the only option if a trailer, camper or fifth wheel makes other options impossible.

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