How do i hook up car subwoofers in home How do i hook up car subwoofers in home

How do i hook up car subwoofers in home

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Many card speakers are 4 ohm and subs can be lower like 2 ohm while many home speakers are ohm. If you have a 12 volt power supply for it assuming it is activeI see no reason you can not use one.

As long as your computer power supply has enough power you should be good. The sub would be about 7 ft from the pc to prevent any potential magnetic distortion. June 3, 9: Connecting multiple devices can cause humming from ground loops so if the power supply is isolated it may work better.

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StalinDaBomb June 2, 9: I am preparing to build a 5. The car sub and car amp on isolated amp works well and avoids the ohm issue.

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Your question Get the answer. Or if anyone has a sub in the 12 to 15 inch range with amp in the dollar range that would work.

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April 20, 7: Currently have at least 4 wires onto my output. I am preferential to car subs as they are larger and cheaper.

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April 20, 9: Thank you for your input though. Believe me, I did, I was not going to try to push almost 20 amps through an 18 gauge wire.

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I guess you may want to use the passive speakers. I use a car amp as my amplifier and use the sub out on a traditional amp. StalinDaBomb April 20, 7: If you have 2 x 4 ohm subs in a box, you can wire them in series to make them an 8 phm load that any amp should drive.

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Try to use multiple 12 volt wires from the power supply so each wire carries a lower load and if it is multi rail, try to get them from different rails normally indicated with stripes so yellow korea dating site free with a green strip for instance.

Glad you got it setup to your liking.

I ended converting an old computer power supply into a 12v power supply simply by using the 12v rail only, i draw a max of 19 amps. They may work, but make sure your amplifier can drive a speaker with such low resistance. StalinDaBomb August 17,