Dating a girl two years younger Is it ok to date a girl 2 years younger than me?

Dating a girl two years younger

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Is it ok, to date a guy 2 years younger then you? My girlfriend is girl years older than me, so I clearly dont think dating someone younger is a bad thing.

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Follow 13 The youngest I've dated was 11 years younger than myself. Wait until you and her feel more comfortable with each other.

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What is tough is if you decided to go somewhere else for college, and then it's long distance, which is a pretty rough transition. Otherwise, I see no problem with dating someone younger.

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Feel afraid that you'd be judged for dating her? I didn't ask her parents but I already knew them and they were cool about it!

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One of my friends is 17 her boyfriend is 24, it's not a big deal. If a fifty year old can get in with someone in their twenties, then props to them, and I hope I can do that at their age.

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The 23 year old, who works on my section, I did ask out in the end, but she rejected me saying that she didn't want to get involved with anyone from work 'in that way', so dating enough. To be fair, that's more about her than it is about her age. I'm 17 and she's I personally don't have an issue dating anyone from any age within reasonable legalities but you have to take never get replies on dating sites for everything they have.

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We two years need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Is it ok to date a girl 2 years younger than me?

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Half age plus 7 works just fine. I love how concerned young people get about age differences. New game releases - Week of October 29, Zero Punctuation: Does Halloween stigmatise mental health?

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