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I know our society hold the elderly in high esteem that is how it should be but when we keep on circulating same leaders of the first, second republic and the left overs of the military, then Nigeria is doomed. It is the ruling class against the rest of us.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Tinubu did well as a Governor? However, to perform certain functions other than the normal functions like sending SMS using the site, you need to pay a Gold Membership fee depending on the duration you want to. What of his own record?

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Nigeria was not set up to work except for the governance intentions of the colonial masters. One good feature about Sexy Naija is allowing you to send gift to a potential lover.

Popular choices may seem like a the best bet considering their huge user base, however new smaller sites that offer options with more common ground are best to start with. You might not respect the person Goodluck, but please respect the office, to strengthen our institutions of governance. There are thousands of single ladies and guys on this website ready to mingle with you. He accused the younger generation of being corrupt. By this app you can browse people for dating and flirting. SinglesAroundMe reveals love spark dating site of its patent portfolio regarding Position-Shift.

Do they even know their local goverment chairperson? It enables mobile users to choose who knows where they are and when, giving them full control of their desired privacy.

They had obviously been bought because they are probably constituted by useless Nigerians such as your despicable self.

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U are right abt everything u said but not acknowledge the fact that u av been a total failure and dissaptment to nigerians. Stop bearing false witness. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

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It is easy to sit out there and condemn the leaders. You are very empty.

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You cannot manipulate history while the witnesses are alive. Facebook sees Africa as the future. Only God knows other members of his family he has fixed in strategic positions denying those that truly qualify their rights.

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Dating sites in coimbatore I am saying here is that Shagari could still have won that election at the electoral college if OBJ allowed the constitution to work; then Nigerians including the leaders would have accepted the supremacy of our constitution no matter how flawed.

The old man is not God. OBJ implemented it but credit to him as well. History will one day judge rightly and your title will be revoked!

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That we have not had the kind of leaders we really need in Nigeria is a fact but since OBJ seems to have done more than any president. Meet Nigerians is another Nigerian online dating site though not specifically meant for Nigerians living in Nigeria but those living in the United States and United Kingdom. Let me illustrate this assertion: With this question in mindWe have put to list the most outstanding dating sites with awesome functionalities, making it super easy for Black Singles to find Matching partners.

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O please spare us. Ibori was convicted and is still in jail.