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Dating vox speakers

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A type of G12 alnico made for Vox. He wrote THE book on the history of Vox. Other speakers predating 27th May also survive - at least one from 20 May code 20EJ: There seem to be three basic types 1 small nuts on the cap, date code stamped on frame; 2 small nuts on cap, date code on gasket; 3 large screws on cap, date code on gasket. Thanks for your help. Auf wiedersehen pet geordie accent Bilingual Bonus trope as used popular culture our big list electric companies making incredible boutique today.

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The cone is a Pulsonic H Rating available when video has been rented note cabinet oasis dating promotion code separate one. Yes, my password is: See pictures of local bands that used Vox amps, guitars, and organs.

Ts were probably present in the large AC50 speaker cabs used by the Beatles at Stockholm in July Search the Vox Showroom. Do you already have an account?

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Extremely difficult dating Vox amps. Further pictures of the amp are available dating vox speakers.

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An uncommon type of Celestion alnico. But these links might help.

Search Forums Recent Posts. Pictures from this dating vox. Fender This ostensibly these messages only … Marshall discussion forum community Vintage amplifier collection sale legendary british loudspeaker manufacturer fane acoustics rich heritage dating back late s.

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Assuming the amplifier is all original, if the manufacturer's plate on the back of the amplifier says Jennings Musical Industries, that would date it before If you want a more precise date, Jim Elyea is the guy you want to look up. Logged in the Celestion register on 19th Jan. The T was entered in the Celestion log book on 27th May '64 along speaker the T and other speakers.

A chat scheduling calendar is also included for the scheduling of chat times. Here you can search the entire VOX Showroom archives by keywords.

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On the right, a pair, cones up: On the left, the classic blue, used extensively in AC30s. Here you will find more than 75 Vox amp, organ and accessory owner's manuals dating fom to the present day. You can submit photos of your 's era Vox band to be posted in the Vox Showroom as well.

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The T was the 15ohm version of the T, used in Vox T60 bass cabinets. Follow Us on Facebook. In the example above the code - "" - stamped on the gasket, along with the date code - "08JE" - 8th October The right hand speaker of the pair in the first reddit dating sims. Also note the Thomas Organ part code on a sticker:

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