Who did ct hook up with 'Battle of the Exes II': The history of CT and Diem

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Neither of them obsess over the show and the drama on the show so they get along well and both treat the show like it's a show. She used her profile from the show to raise awareness for the causes she believed in and to help others.

Than off the show danni from bgc was hyping up rivals 2 with him and she is the the most clingy girl of all so big mistake. If nany is kissing on johnny while also stringing cohutta along, that is not right.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I never knew that. But of course she was in love with him she said. Unfortunately, fans will have to watch with a heavy heart knowing that Speed dating minot nd will not be able to complete the season.

As TJ would say,”You’re a beast.” Just for the record, what’s your height and weight?

I took this real estate tour and I ended up talking to this guy about getting a new place. I remember one daily of Kenny and some dudes talking about her. It takes several producers to calm CT down, and both he and Adam are ejected from the house. Anastasia is weird pretty. Shauvon, Anastasia and diem. It was reported that he did ct hook up with to her a few days before she died, but she turned him down.

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Never mind partying with that animal. I do everything from rentals, to flips, to certificates … got it going on. And yes he was with some spring break groupie, than he broke it off asap between his leaving for rivals 2 and than all rivals 2 stuff. I know it's just rumor, but where did the CT and Danni hook-up rumor chino hills hook up from?

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Cara Maria … funny story about her: Nany is a no too, townie said that CT respect nany and they only flirt, he didn't slept with her. It's possible ct tried before anastasia to get to her but anastasia seems more his type of the two.

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They compete on the same veteran team, but a few fights started to show cracks in the relationship. And why not go back to Never Never Land?

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Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Posted by: So i am guessing they hooked up before rivals 2, just an educated guess that i have seen hints to that backed it up as well. CT and Jessica never had anything I talk to Bananas, we touch base every once in a while.

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