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However, Elena quickly spits out the blood as she realizes that it has been mixed with vervain.

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In the next episode Damon begins trying to track Katherine in order to find the cure while Rebekah attempts to tag along. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly.

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She then replies, clearly upset, that he constantly sabotages himself every doe elena dating damon vampire diaries when they hit a bump in the road. Damon and Alaric came to the rescue to find out that Jo has her magic back.

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In Pictures of YouStefan tells Damon once Elena gets her humanity back, Damon will help her deal with all the emotions she's repressed since Jeremy's death and Stefan will leave town. Eventually, they returned to an unsteady friendship and after spending a day with Elena, Damon confessed to Andie that he wanted to be the bigger man for her, but also wanted to be himself.

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When Elena focuses her hate on Free dating site cork Damon young singles dating site Elena where Katherine is, but tells her she shouldn't try and kill her.

He thanks Rick for the tip, and tells Elena to get out of the water because they are leaving. She pretends to be happy, but she is secretly taking witch herbs to hallucinate Damon. Later, Elena walks in to her room Damon gets Elena to confess that she cares about him letting her know he will get Stefan back but he just wants to make sure she remembers how she feels about Damon once that happens. No matter what I feel for you, I-I never unfell for him. Elena says that being with Damon is unpredictable, and that it makes her feel happy and free.

Once he's stitched up by conventional medicine, he talks to Elena about how much he hates vampires and doesn't want to rely on them. He also tells Caroline that it will only get harder for her later after everyone expects her to move on. Damon asks Elena about the visions and then grits his teeth as he asks if the visions show her with Stefan and really, really happy.

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Stefan and Damon reunite. Damon then wonders why a ghost would wanna attack Elena. As the camera shows a close up of Libra woman single eye as he is compelling Elena to forget, a tear slips. You should know that.

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Elena kisses him goodbye. I know you want to stop it.

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From soft and slow their kisses get more and more passionate. Not long after saving her from Rose and Elijah, she and Stefan shared an embrace, although she acknowledged Damon, smiling and mouthing "thank you," to him, showing her gratitude towards both brothers. His transition was completed after his younger brother Stefanwho is also a vampire, convinces him to drink blood. Indeed, a renewed conflict over ideology and what sort of Vampire Elena will become drives Damon and Stefan apart.

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Bonnie has nightmares about Kai and Lily. In the hospital, Caroline and Stefan realize that Colin is a vampire but is not cured of his cancer. The sire-bond can only be broken when Damon leaves Elena and tells her to stop caring about him according to a witch in New Orleans named Nandi.

Damon, then replies that he isn't going to help her anymore with her feelings, and that she now has to sort it out herself.