Vawn and africa still dating OK! First Look: Africa Gets Played by Vawn on Tonight's The New Atlanta

Vawn and africa still dating, ways to watch

Emily reveals a shocking accusation about her ex-boyfriend.

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The New Atlanta had some good things going for it but also fell short in some areas. Yes, yes, yes to Season 2. Retrieved from " https: Now, the question becomes, will Bravo renew The New Atlanta for a second season? The five subjects seek love and bask in the city's hot social scene while trying to distinguish themselves in fashion, music, event planning and business. NeNe had solid ratings throughout her season and at least some of those viewers did seem to stick around for The New Atlanta. Dirk Gently's Modern hook up peru dating Detective Agency.

Alex is confronted by Africa after she fails to apologize. They fsj dating sites definitely be brought back, I had no idea it was such a good show, Emily is hilarious! I think bravo will be surprised that the number of viewers will be netter.

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No such luck, though. The other couple I was rooting for this season was Emily and Tribble. Still at Africa's birthday extravaganza, Alex and Emily continue their argument. The Wedding' on September 17". And I like watching men workout. You May Also Like Log in with Facebook.

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I never saw it advertised I just happened to scroll through the channels one day and stumble upon it. Recommending a horror double feature every day. This episode, as a result, boasted season-high viewership. Retrieved 12 November Emily has some secrets that with more seasons can be aired out. The leading couple from this season was, I suppose, 2am seulong dating and Vawn.

It's great watching the two of them interact, and I respect that Vawn is very much a hands-on dad. I wanted Emily to have a chance tom sturridge dating sienna miller really talk to Vawn one-on-one and get to know him on her own without all of the hoopla of a party or other distractions.

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If the series is different which it isentertaining checkrelevant double-checkthen obviously there is a marketing problem. What do you think? Check your email for a link to reset your password. Skip to main content.

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While the cast was entertaining and there was plenty of drama, the numbers speak for themselves. I was glad to see that Sincerely stood up for me and was most of all -- fair.

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Already have an account? I followed Africa, Alex, Tribble, Emily, and Vawn from the stage-setting premiere through to the final curtain call. I also felt she went too hard about Vawn and that secretly she wanted to find out what the fuss was all about.

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I was excited about Gas' birthday and I honestly didn't forsee any of it going down the way it did. This series deserves to go on.

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Don't have an account? Did you watch and, if so, would you like to see a second season? Tribble acquires Africa's number with the hope of possibly becoming more than just friends.