Hook up methods in webdynpro sap abap webdynpro

Hook up methods in webdynpro

Thursday, August 1, 2013

You wish to read data from a database table and display it in a view with the help of an existing function module. Supply function is a method assigned to the context hook which is being executed every time the context node is being accessed.

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Using your design time declarations, the Web Dynpro framework will automatically manage the definition, triggering, and handler subscription to such events for you. So whenever the lead selection of the parent node changesthe supply function of the singleton node recalculates and repopulates the child node. An inbound plug is the navigation event handler that can be registered to a navigation request.

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What is a Custom Controller? One or more elements of the context node are accessed. View Controller hook methods.

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You can use the plugs to set up cross-component navigation. First we should understand the difference between Value help and OVS i.

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Assistance class helps you achieve two things: Standard examples of Component Usage: These attributes are then visible in all methods of this controller. Only nodes, methods and events marked as interfaces can be used by other components.

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Interface controller is used for cross component communication. HoweverIf the node is absolutely specific to only one viewit can be defined in the View Controller.

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No of view controllers in a component depends upon the no of views. Multiple interface dating human or onion of one or more webdynpro components can be combined to a floor plan manager application.

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Hook Methods in Web Dynpro: So SAP has provided an option of assistance class where you can method all your business logic. At run time a context node may contain many recordsbut only one of those is selected.

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If you wanted to initialize the values of the child node based on the values of the parent node then you can use supply function to do the job. The context node in a component that is created in the view level does not provide interface option and cannot be accessed in other components.

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If you want to understand the sequenceput breakpoints in all these methods. When a Sales order 1 is accessed the supply function method is triggered and corresponding details of sales order 1 is stored in child node.