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Why doctors should unionize Niran S. Quote from applescruffette I've heard of nurses getting screwed at work. Many of my colleagues and I were eventually drawn to trashy tabloids to clear our frazzled minds.

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How did the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" get along? Related Posts She became a hospice nurse because of this story Nurses save more lives than opera singers A new nurse gets a crash course in compassion.

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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. In the hospital, I have often felt like an unremarkable person thrown into remarkable situations; a flawed guy trying to do things flawlessly.

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Definitely would not have made it 3 years ago. I gravitated to the latter, and avoided the former. Like men and women in any other profession, nurses have sex.

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Aug 28, '09 by amymina. Go to mobile site. What do doctors think of Grey's anatomy?

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Get free doctors delivered to your inbox. When I became a doctor—I did my residency training at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan—I was suddenly charged with making life-and-death decisions, breaking bad news, and performing outrageously complex and invasive procedures on total strangers, occasionally at the tail end of a thirty-hour shift.

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Not often is my guess, have you been to some of those quarters? Nothing gets past those people! As happens anywhere, intimate relationships can complicate interactions with coworkers, who may hook they have to take sides or keep secrets.

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Stop going to the dentist? Is Grey's Anatomy medically accurate? Along with the inappropriateness of hooking up with someone who technically works below you, sleeping with someone who is probably still in college and works for scraps puts you in the position of looking like a total dick.

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PayScale, a career website, recently asked 42, people working a variety of jobs apparently not including adult film stars about their co-worker hookup history. And remember that you're, in some way, paying her salary with yahoo answers dating older woman tuition, so that makes it a little weird.

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Spending long hours at the office secretly searching for the perfect OKCupid date?