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Hook up animation

Just illustrating a few points here. Hi Yvonne, Yes and no.

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Though it can certainly be done in animation. In cartoons, there is no excuse for bad continuity.


Karen J Lloyd August 27, Then Scuttle flies in towards her. The Script Supervisor works in live-action film and television free dating site in europe 2012 is responsible for all the continuity on a show or movie.

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Hope this makes sense. You want to know how to hook-up? And they wanted to get rid of the clothes a pain in the butt that is no longer needed for the hook up animation of the sequence. Posted by Karen J Lloyd. Note that Ariel is wearing clothes but is a mermaid.

Note that Ariel is no longer wearing the hooks up animation. Better to show you, right? In many ways this is a good thing for my own projects as contrary to [un]popular opinion you can learn from the mistake of others.

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What's Wrong With Your Storyboards. Ariel saves his ass a couple of times.

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In an animated series, there are many different animators working on many different scenes. I think what you focussed on here seems to be common mistakes made by storyboarders though, and not so much an overall guide to hooking up.


Maybe it makes sense when watched? Thanks for your comment and input! But I find your comment about not noticing script-errors when enjoying the film translates to other problem-areas as well.

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They might be an animation artist who reads storyboard blogs. There really are lots of them in that movie. Some related posts other readers have enjoyed: He knew there were tons of continuity errors when they were editing the movie. Beware of guys who touch you first.

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More action, more yadas. Slightly off topic Karen. The hook-up pose is the glue that holds the cartoon together. Close on her bare feet. Cut to other scenes of people reacting, she gets her voice back, yada yada yada.

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I thought that was pretty cool. Karen J Lloyd August 28,