Mumsnet lone parents dating Is it ever okay to date your child’s head teacher?

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Register now Already registered with Mumsnet? Maybe its easier if you have babysitters to hand. Thats the difference when you have kids i think, you become more sensible instead of following your heart with total abandonment of your needs.

I would also expect a man to ask the same about me.

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I dont have a problem with single dads, but it is a big red flag to me if they dont support their own children or rant on about their ex. My partners ex was asking my daughter questions. I am hoping in the years to come no thoughts like that will enter my head at all Goodness me if my post makes any sense at all, I'll be impressed.

After 8 weeks of talking we met he came to me!

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Anyone else going to be alone this Christmas? I'm so sick of hearing single mothers described as having 'baggage'. Meet them ASAP; a virtual relationship just wastes time, and you need to know if there is any chemistry.

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I never went out really, and certainly didn't look for love anywhere, I just wasn't interested. When do you take your profile down? The internet world attracts lots of weirdos IME, who want to prey on vulnerable women if you are a single parent, to a greater or lesser extent, you may be vulnerable.

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AIBU thread recently opened my eyes a little Challenges of dating a baby daddy, I would be giving any men a wide berth if they did not have contact with smartplant instrumentation hook up children or have made a real effort.

Worked for me - me my DP though online dating, and am very happy with him Met up with quite a few others before though - best advice I'd give is to keep it casual at first - make the first date a coffee or short early evening drink - you'll know early on when you meet them if it's going anywhere.

Im trying to be relaxed, I just have this huge fear of rejection.

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There are all lone parents dating of men out there - and all sorts of women too. My marriage ended nearly 6 years ago and in that time I've had several relationships. Im not really used to parent dating to people I dont know.

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Previous to all this, around new year time i decided to join an internet dating site purely to meet like minded people who you wouldn't come across in day to day life.