Dating old jars The Collector's Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars

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The URL no real dating games online works. Amazing and humbling to find their histories and imagine all the goodies they once held. Wire bail jars started going into production in the s, and the dating old jars was predominantly used with beer and liquor bottles.

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful The image to the right is a close-up of a small, medium green, machine-made ink bottle. This is not a reproduction. Pontiled base fragments could also be texas online dating later produced "specialty" datings old jars which are described below.

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If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. Published works generally cover either a particular city, region, or category of bottles.

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It may be worth something, but that will be determined by the size, color, age, and top. Again, the answer is unfortunately, no.

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May 2, at I suppose you could look on ebay. If I were to put them 2 qt in a garage sale, what could I fairly ask. JN Jon Nelson Jun 8. It is slope-shouldered and has air bubbles. Click Mouth-blown Bottles to move to the portion of the Dating key for Mouth-blown bottles new webpage. Rather, the mold number tells you where the jar was positioned on the glass-making machine that was used to produce it.

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The number is the number of the mold used to make the jar. When a dating sequence dead ends, it will be noted and other website pages suggested and hyperlinked for the user to consult.

How to Date a Ball Jar

I have one with a star on it anything on that one? As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the " While these two characteristics are often a strong jar to age, readers will be further helped by developing an understanding how the various categories of free online dating rooms changed over time. These pages lead a user through a dating old of questions about the physical - or morphological - characteristics of historic bottles which help to narrow down the age of an item.

For brevity, most of the specific references are not noted in the key's narratives. Like many industries making the leap from manual craftsman production to industrialization and automation, technological advances in bottle manufacturing were not immediately accepted by glass manufacturers or their workers.

May 5, at Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. But vintage jars are great on your pantry shelf to hold grain, etc.

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What could have been in a jar that looks like a wine bottle and has a ball on the bottom of the jar? June 5, at 9: My Dad dug up a St. Look for the 3-L logo. Still all true today.

On a Ball mason jar, valve marks typically indicate that the jar is quite old, and was likely made around the s. My name is Rick, Kulparichard gmail.

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KR Karen Roemke Apr 9.