Credit card processing for dating sites Online Dating Merchant Accounts

Credit card processing for dating sites

Merchant Accounts for Online Dating Sites The increasing popularity of online communication has turned our planet into a little global village. This is how it […].

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The internet may seem saturated with online dating sites, but niche sites are popping up all the time. Whether your online dating service is subscription-based or niche-oriented, Instabill has the merchant account card processing for you.

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In recent news companies like Ashley Madison have been hacked and their relationships exposed. We offer secure and real-time credit card transactions at competitive processing rates.

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Take credit cards over the phone, on your website, or in person. Whichever option you select or maybe new york russian dating sites of themyou will need a payment service provider to accept the payments on your site.

Merchant Services for Online Dating Sites

Free signup, no setup fees, offshore merchant account. In order to process online payments it is necessary opening online for dating merchant accounts.

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Its unfortunate, but dating and matchmaker services have been routinely flagged as "high risk" due to the nature of service and the chargeback ratios. Look the bottom line is, you can get a credit card processor account from some of the big names like paypal, square, or first data, BUT you WILL eventually be shut off at some point and your funds locked and held for upwards of days or more.

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Fill the bellow form and we will get back to you site decision. We specialize in adult dating and internet processing gateways.

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Fall in love with our Services! Before going live, you will need an online dating merchant account to allow you to securely collect payment from your members.

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Also, for a list of 10 specific questions to ask when choosing a payment provider, see this white paper by PayPal PDF, subscription required. This will undoubtedly require additional responsibility and work.

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