Dating financially unstable woman Dating financially unstable woman

Dating financially unstable woman,

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That woman was making a decision based on what she saw then. He must have a career that he cares about and is committed to, not for money reasons, but because he has drive.

I am not condoning differing standards for men than women as you are implying. If money is your end goal for happiness you woman very disappointed. He may even try to stop you working, or being with your friends and family. When you spend time with people who are treating you right and truly being good to you, you really realize the little red flags that you missed with the not-so-good guys.

My best roommate ever was my cat.

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Sorry, MikeTo, but you are making blatantly false generalizations. God forbid your kids end up supporting you because your money went to this relationship.

I am also finding food dating requirements men are more attached to their careers than women.

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I have great news for you: They are lifelong datings financially of their own ineptitude, they fail to plan for the future because they cannot or will not think beyond today. The next guy lost his house in divorce is renting and paying child support. You start paying and they take you to court and make a case that you have assumed responsibility and can't back out now.

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Dating financially unstable woman. I have a good credit rating, own a nice home, own my car free and clear, and have a modest but adequate K. A few of them quit their professional jobs, lawyers and doctors btw. Who pays for marriages? We have discussed marriage and will revisit the idea this October. So I thought he was at least appreciative of the money I did give, but two years down the drain and I just realized that I was an enabler all asia create online dating name dating, and neither of us got anything out of it.

Does that make it okay for her to pursue, since she is financially stable and probably making more than most guys? Sadly the person I know who fits this description is my mother. In the other relationship, I mostly felt confused. Rather than just copping to the fact that they are stingy penny pinching tightwads, they make the woman out to be some careless spender if she so much as treats herself to a manicure. If she's doing the same, I don't woman you should just immediately dump her because of her money issues.

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Women are getting degrees at higher rates than men now. Financially unstable female is a turn off to men?

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My now husband a different man and I have similar attitudes to money. But I let logic decide that this may not be a good lifestyle for me and my kids. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. He was very sweet and brought me chicken soup, over the counter meds, etc.

Thanks for your honesty! Everyone's dream is to have a nice house, a nice car, and provide good things for the family Additionally, I believe the reverse is true as well, especially if the woman is under 30 and the man is much older.

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Neither has assets, savings or smart investments. I myself have also been more comfortable living on my own. I would thus lose my house deposit.

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Not more than a couple hundred bucks, but I had one. You are incompatible in a fundamental way.