Coc war matchmaking explained War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Coc war matchmaking explained, welcome to the world-famous

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Glad to see that happen. This will start the search for an opponent clan, and you will be able to see the size of the clan war you are being matched for e. All mine are at level 10 right now. However, inactive members will not use their attacks and will not receive any bonus loot. Would you incur any penalty?

War matchmaking explained

However, the amount of loot in these storages is fixed, and will always be much lower than the war win bonus. Make it equal so people are forced to play the game the way it is supposed to be played.

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In friendly clan wars, you get to pick your opponent clan. This gives us a number and we are paired with a random clan from a range of other clans NEARBY rarely equal to that number. By accumulating enough Clan XP, your clan may level up, which can unlock special Clan Perks that permanently benefit your clan, as well as borders for your clan's badge.

Quick Tips for Proper Upgrade Order in Clan Wars

And after entering all data in the flag classification, the offensive weight is much lower than the defensive weight, even if the offensive ratio is the same as the defensive ratio. Thanks to our newest sponsor, Supercell now has a voice.

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You can increase this bonus by attacking and defeating enemy War Bases the number of stars won does not matter. However, enemy war bases aren't visible during preparation day, and their home village layouts are seen instead.

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Learn grammar before you insult a million dollar company. The war win bonus is loot that you will earn if your clan wins the war. You can freely scout all allied and enemy war bases for the duration of the clan war and even after the war is encounters dating website to view their base layouts.

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The best attack is the one that has scored the most stars against that base. Every town hall on the war map represents a war base, and each Barbarian indicates that player's one remaining attack. Bonus war loot is stored in your Clan Castle's Treasury.

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You free online dating in calgary canada Supercell use just defensive strength for the rankings, so to find out what I need to know should I just enter the defensive structures for myself and Marcus onto the matchmaking ct, to find out why he is war matchmaking explained me?

Very confusing, so would like some clarification please.

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I posted it in the ideas and feature request forum. A few members may be put into spectator mode, namely those picked out by the co- leader to start the war or those who are ineligible for war.

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The War Base is only for defense in clan wars. Very odd that they are not finding asian clans during asian primetime. I updated the link, here it is click me. This has nothing to with Weight. Please note that these numbers are war matchmaking explained from the game files, but they are also getting calculated in the War matchmaking algorithm not known by us howso these numbers only give you an idea how the different things weigh.

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It would be reasonable for SC to put a minimum time on the search to prevent what I once called "abuse or short cycle" and expand the time iteration.