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I like this boy in my class, I'm 11 and he is too. I am rlly confused about my crush's feelings towards me.

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I look at him though and send him snapchats. I don't know what he likes, I never hang out with him.

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Can anyone tell m please. Wait for me to get up.

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I can't tell if he likes me or not. Sometimes, we both have MSN but we only talk if no one else is on. My crush hugged me today for the first time ever it was only bc I gave him some candy but he was really happy for some reason I think it was just an excuse to hug me tbh BUuuUuUuUuuT I'm really happy I'm in middle school.

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None of these are accurate, I'm only 11, and so is he, but we are in love. Help you up and ask if you're okay. He looks at me when I don't see him but when I look at him he turns away he's so cute and he's so funny what should u get for his birthday.

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Go talk to another friend about it. He doesn't know I'm in the class. I'm so nervous about this school year there's a new boy here and he's cute and all my friends love him.

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He's allso got buddies so he's got to be careful around them so he doesn't 11 year old dating quizzes at me during that much. I like her but I don't think she likes me.

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That's why I took this quiz. I will never forget it I feel so bad I want to get the guts to say sorry and talk to him but I just can't what should I do. He tried to kiss me!

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He mostly only hangs out with me and two other guys I hang out with, otherwise his friend edgur and I hang out with coralie. Thanks to you guys I now affically dating this really cute guy in my class!

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