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Argentina recognizes Picton, Lennox and Nueva islands as Chilean.

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Diversified's use of its code was spotty, at best. Vientiane remains the capital. Catalonia declares independence from Spain as the Catalan Republic [3] with Barcelona as its capital. Mbabane is the capital.

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The Rwandese Republic changes its name to the Republic of Rwanda. The Kingdom of Thailand changes its name back to the Kingdom speed dating birmingham asian Siam.

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Sometimes this code is the only indication of the date. The city of Ras al-Khaimah yields to Abu Dhabi as the capital.

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The Kingdom of Albania supersedes the Republic of Albania. Mongolia supersedes the Mongolian People's Republic. If the code contains three digits, the first digit appears to reference the world map.

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Meryibre Khety establishes the Ninth Dynasty of Egypt. Portugal and most other nations refuse to recognize the new government. Kuala Lumpur remains the capital.

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The Republic of Zimbabwe changes many colonial place names including that of its capital from Salisbury to Harare. The State of Israel declares Jerusalem its map dating capital.

Amenemhat I establishes the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt and builds Amenemhat-itj-tawy to be the new capital.

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Nyasaland gains independence from the United Kingdom as the Republic of Malawi. Yekuno Amlak overthrows the Zagwe dynastyestablishing the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia.

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Caracas remains the capital.