Hook up studio monitors Hook up studio monitors

Hook up studio monitors

Need help hooking up monitor speakers to mixing board

Would i need to buy another cable in order to connect it to my interface? Enter your search terms Submit search form. Remember that your sound will only be as good as the equipment that shapes and carries it. Help Hooking Up Studio Monitors to computer output!! August 16, An internal option jumper is available to change this to pre LR fader.

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Originally Posted by Telegram Sam. Minimum would be two cables running from your monitors to your interface, and then whatever your interface is USB, Firewire to your computer. Thanks Logged iOur Qu! Now what i'd like to know is how can i connect this to my audio interface? What do i need to hook up Studio Monitors? Used with a mono PA the L and R mix can provide a pair of online dating sites sunshine coast, each with hook using the channel PAN controls, inserts and faders.

What do i need to hook up Studio Monitors?

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It really is that simple. Not really, but it'll studio.

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This may be set to monitor the console monitor system and therefore feed an independent local stereo monitor or even engineers wedge speaker. What i wanna do is add the mixing board so i dont have to use the presonus to adjust monitor volume. The only other thing you would need are the cables and your monitors with amps built in. Eventually you'll want to get an interface for latency free monitoring and no noise, as well as having mic inputs, etc.

Connecting Studio Monitors To Interface?

August 06, Originally Posted by whospilgrim. It also seems like the longer there powered on the less the static noise becomes. August 10, Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Reading FM magazine and someone had headphones problems and FM said you'd need an audio interface for full sound quality. CRXB5 on August 08, I don't see a problem. Sweetwater Forums [Archived] After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource.

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I believe i am using a balanced connection between the audio interface and my monitors.