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Push tenon and Drinkless stinger. However, because many of the pipes in the catalog german american dating site show this type of logo, the black-in-white logo merely indicates a "post " vintage.

Flea markets are particularly fruitful hunting grounds for Kaywoodie Pipes. Check out the above mentioned Kaywoodie forum on stinger dating.

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Overblocks of pristine briar must be sorted to find just one such matched collection; hence no more than 12 sets can be produced in any one year. Some early Kaywoodies had this same marking on the shank, but the practice was dropped sometime prior to I also learned that the 4 digit shape numbers stamped on the dating side of the shank are older than 2 digit ones.

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Still forgetting those fine points This action might not be possible to undo. The Collector's series was also available in six shapes 1C-6C in a choice of pipe or sandblast finishes I also have a Kaywoodie. If the pipe has a 4-digit shape number, the pipe is probably of "pre" vintage. We both think that they predate the shovel like apparatus that I picture above. This Shellcraft has a push tenon and was thus crafted prior to Push tenon design pre-synchrostem.

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Therefore, as a rough rule-of-thumb, one could simply double the prices given in Table 4 see Section 3. It is hoped that this initial attempt will provide a useful point of dating for future, more exhaustive research on this important, interesting, but neglected era in American pipesmoking history.

The Ultimate Pipe Book. The pipe in the photo has a four-digit shape number No.

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Because of the gaps in catalogs, it is highly likely that there are many "holes" in the information presented here.

Pitchfork, yeah, that's a rough rule of thumb.

The Drinkless Shellcraft

Yello-Boles also had KBB in the leaf on the shanks, but did not have the ampersand found on Kaywoodies. The Oversize Kaywoodies were, as the name implies, "Giants".

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The vertical hole near the button is original and is typical for pipes of this line with this bore. The Synchro Stem patent. Pipephil seems to rely heavily on published Kaywoodie catalogs, and this reliance may be the source of some of their inaccuracies. As an example, a leading mail-order pipe company recently offered low-grade Kaywoodies Signet, "" at the same or higher prices than Flame and Matched Grain Kaywoodies.

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I hadn't seen one before and came across this thread. Due to the gap in pipes used in this research, it is not known precisely when the practice of putting the cloverleaf in the shank of the Super Grains was discontinued the catalog shows the cloverleaf on the bit.

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Another obvious source of Kaywoodies is other collectors.