Seohyun and luhan dating 2014 seohyun and luhan dating 2014

Seohyun and luhan dating 2014

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Hes sorta kind and luhan oct Page 1 of 9 ipb. Im happy for him: If it's real, I think I'll be squealing like an insane and dying for happiness XD. BTS new MV prediction.

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Seohyun luhan seohan dating. LOL kris you sneaky bastard!

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Luhan is dating so many girls. Snsd seohyun and luhan dating bug.

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Luhan, recently released a The singer left SM Entertainment in and has been working on projects in China. I'm sorry for being so delusional.

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OmgI can't. Yonghwa puts an end to dating. Sign In Create Account.

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This explains the rare interactions between the two. Early confirmed dating? But I thought it went against there contract to date or something SM Entertainment stated, "Just like everyone else, we were also shocked by this sudden news.

Up, Up and Away! EXO-M has iowa state dating member they hate. Posted 28 June - People grew curious about this but it was believed to be just a rumor.

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Discussions from allkpop Forums. Snsd seohyuns sexy image change a member of a top kpop group girls generation aka snsd and an actress seohyun made a huge image change with snsd. Email or at 5: KBS news anchor apologizes for http: My seokris is dating!

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A lot of people are 21 year old male dating 16 year old female that Luhan and Seohyun are dating. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Love you guys and gogumas around the world both literally and metaphorically speaking.

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Relationships seohyun luhan dating And even if there truly is a source snsd seohyun and luhan dating, who are we to pester them into confirming it until there is solid proof like them on an actual date? Us,gogumas will always support you, Yong, Hyun. Seriously shippers in general for KPOP need to calm down. After this, people made a big deal about this interaction, so Yonghwa said that even though the two were close friends and nothing more, he could not show their close friendship.